Together Again

I would like to say we slipped back into life as a couple easily again… Pete had never been away, but things are never that simple. We had been living apart for months and this created some awkwardness when it came to sharing the same space again. It was the simple things that seemed so strange – sharing the bed with someone, fighting for the bathroom, arguing over what to watch on television etc. I had been so used to doing it all my own way again and suddenly Pete was back and I had to consider him in my routine.

I have to be honest and say it’s a completely different experience than when you first start dating someone and they integrate slowly in to your life and so it’s a natural transition. Imagine getting into a relationship with someone and having them move in straight away and then trying to figure out the logistics around it whilst getting to know them. That’s more like the experience that we had. Obviously we knew each other well but it was an immediate full intrusion and involved a lot of compromising from both of us to make things run smoothly again. We got there eventually though even if it wasn’t plain sailing.

The other thing that I found strange was including Pete in the wedding planning. I know how odd that must sound but whilst he was away, he was happy for me to make all of the decisions. There were a couple of occasions after Pete got home that I went to make decisions and then remembered he was home again and I needed to check with him. Luckily for me, Pete and I seemed to want the same things. Very little fuss – quite a small ceremony at the Registry Office followed by an afternoon meal for family and an evening reception for our family and close friends. The last few weeks before the wedding were hectic and we had a number of last minute issues to contend with such as the DJ for the evening reception was uncontactable in the 3 weeks beforehand and left me in a panic. We decided on a few last minute additions such as cars and a professional photographer which we hadn’t wanted originally. I also decided that I wanted to be hands on with some of the decorations and I hand made all of the place cards and wedding favours. My sister was making my wedding cake and I decided to help her make all of the flowers to decorate it with. They were all hand made too and edible. Don’t ask me what madness made me take that on just before the wedding. Luckily it turned out well for the first time I had done anything like that and I was pleased. The wedding was all set and we had the dates set for collecting the keys to our new married quarters at RAF Cranwell and a date to move in. Now we just had to get ready for the wedding and the move……….place-cardswedding-cake


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