Our New Addition

Not long after we got engaged, Pete and I were driving through Doncaster and just happened to pass the local RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). I asked him if we could stop and take a look around. Pete was dead set against it but after some coaxing, that absolutely did not involve me sulking, stamping my feet and generally throwing a hissy fit, Pete changed his mind and in we went.

We were only there to have a general look around but after a walk through the cat section, we came across the most beautiful three kittens. Two of them were black and the third was a tortoise shell. It was at this point that I fell madly in love with the absolutely gorgeous little black male kitten that was rubbing up against the window and meowing at me. The sign on the front said his name was Tyrone. Pete knew what was coming next and tried to make a quick exit. Unfortunately for him I was too cunning for that and immediately set about using my feminine wiles to gently persuade him to take this little bundle of fluff home with us. He didn’t take long to change from an outright ‘no’ to an ‘I’ll think about it’ and so I took this to mean yes and went to start the adoption process. We could collect him in two weeks time.

During those two weeks, I set about getting everything that he would need and getting him registered at the vets and putting insurance in place for him etc. The only thing we couldn’t agree on was his name. We knew that we didn’t want to call him Tyrone but couldn’t think of a name we liked. We went to the drive through at KFC the day before collecting him and then sat in the car park eating our food and debating different names. All of a sudden it came to me……..I knew exactly what I wanted to call him and just hoped that Pete would agree with me too. It was tough luck if he didn’t but luckily he did.

We collected the kitten the following day and brought him home to meet his new big sister Ivory. She was a little nervous of this little black bundle of fur but they were soon getting to know each other and we could see that they were going to be close when Ivory let him snuggle into her and go to sleep. And thus, we went from a family of three to a family of four. World………meet my wonderful little boy……… Frisbee!!



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